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My original short story, "The Adventures of FBI Inspector Mariano Stonebreaker: Normal Things",  appears as a multiple POV effort. I prepared a first revision of same, titled "Normal Things", with the killer's POV only featured for a Dan Alatorre -- Author,  blog writing contest. Both versions may be read at my blog . 

The first revision, "Normal Things", received award-winning recognition in Dan's March 2018 contest.   

In addition, "Normal Things (Revision No. 2)", featuring only the POV of Stonebreaker, may be read at my blog 

Thoughts on using POV, story pace, story point, and endings are shared at both my blog locations named above.

My handcrafted, abridged and self-published novelette titled "InterlockED" is available for continued reading at my blog 

All these stories are testimony to the method that allows one to create shorter and longer versions of the same, or similar, idea. Using this tool can be a valuable asset in the road to self-publication.

Contact me in the comments section of my WordPress blogs! A complete list of same is given at: 

NOTE: My Short Story, "Interlock", gleaned from my self-published novella of the same name, appears in Dan Alatorre's 2017 scary anthology, "The Box Under the Bed". To order the anthology at Amazon, please click on the link at the bottom of this Website's "About" page.